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We once started as a small pharmaceutical company and trading firm. Ever since, almost half a century ago, we carry the same commitment that we envisioned at the start: To improve the quality of life by providing innovations and excellence in products and services. This same mission, that has brought us to where we are now, was shaped by our core values that we carry as our pillars; Determination, Integrity, Performance and Attentiveness.

Why join us

Family, Benefit, Quality of Life.

Feel the feeling of working in the middle of the family with a warm and intimate working situation with around. Not only superiors-subordinates relationship and also between colleagues / peers. Companies are equipped with many activities to get closer to each other, including art activities (music, band, company magazine, etc.) and sports activities.

Every marketable product is ensured to improve the quality of life of the entire community so that not only the welfare of the company owner but all employees and their families.



021 5365 3883


Jl. Kebayoran Lama no.28 Jakarta Selatan

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