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Top 5 reasons to join PT Sinar Sakti Union! 1. We are a good start to advance your career.PT Sinar Sakti Union is a rapidly expanding company that will offer you challenging work. We also provide development opportunities for our staff to grow their potentials. Learning from your seniors here in PT Sinar Sakti Union is the best way for you to gain more experience and ultimately advancing your career to the next level. 2. We are one of the market leaders in Indonesia.Our reputation as one of the best narrow fabric manufaturers in Indonesia cannot be denied. We have been serving our most presitigious clients with utmost services and products since 1978. Not only serving clients from Indonesia, we also have international clientele from all around the world. 3. We were born from a collaboration of exceptional people.Here at PT Sinar Sakti Union, we foster many exceptional people with exceptional talents. Our people always bring out innovation, and this is what makes us still exist even at this era of globalization.  4. We are the definition of diversity.Our company reflect Indonesian culture which embraces diversity. We celebrate individuality and encourage differences between individuals as a healthy competitive spirit. We believe, a workplace where people feel valued, that is where people shine the most. 5. We give you recognition of your work.We encourage our people to use all of their resources and talents to reach their full potential at PT Sinar Sakti Union.  And when our people show us what their fruitful work results, we reward them. At our company, recognition does not just come from leaders. It is a part of our culture where we take pride in our colleagues’ accomplishments as much as we do our own. People come to PT Sinar Sakti Union for a lot of reasons. This is an organization where you are surrounded by intelligent, forward-thinking and open-minded people. This is a chance to work within a culture of camaraderie and advance your career. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us, we hope that you will come to love the company as if it is your own. 



(021) 6195209


Ktr Pusat Jl Kapuk Sawah Pos Polisi Dlm 173-174 Kapuk, Cengkareng Jakarta Barat 11720 DKI Jakarta

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