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Our vision & mission is to create an "ALL IN ONE PLACE" experience for exhibitors, organizers, participants and the attendees.
PT Jakarta International Expo presents one of the finest exhibitions in the world. With our mission to turning Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta into largest exhibition and entertainment center in Indonesia that lives up to international standards, we are making improvements regarding the venues and other facilities which going to be done in continuous phases optimally. As service and quality is our main priority, we continuously enhanced the quality of our staffing through training and workshop, in order to maintain the optimum results for each of our clients.



(021) 26645000


Ged Pusat Niaga Arena PRJ Kemayoran Jl H Benyamin Sueb Ged Pusat Niaga Arena PRJ Kemayoran Lt 1 Room 111-A Kemayoran, Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10620 DKI Jakarta

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