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PT. Nayati Indonesia is a 40.000 m2 professional cooking manufacturing center with 700 experts from both products and services of professional kitchen equipment. State of the art technology are employed; latest CAD program is used for every technical visualization, fabrication processes are executed by employing the best machinery. The factory is located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia at the heart of Java’s industrial center of the manufacturing area.


Nayati’s journey towards excellence has taken over 30 Years of continuous development, from a simple stainless steel workshop to an international kitchen equipment brand. Determination, ambitious innovation and relentless pursuit of craftsmanship excellence have positioned Nayati where it is today, delivering premium kitchen solutions to chefs all over the world.

Why join us

Nayati adalah perusahaan yang terus bergerak untuk melebarkan sayap bisnis di sektor lokal maupun internasional.Kami membutuhkan individu individu yang mampu mengikuti arus perubahan perkembangan jaman yang cepat, dan yang secara bersamaan berkeinginan untuk terus mengembangkan diri.





Jalan Terboyo No 15 Kawasan Industri Terboyo Megah, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

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