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Realfood is an Indonesia-based social-enterprise company that manufactures healthy food & beverages dedicated to bringing healthy lifestyle into our lives. We delicately and carefully select our ingredients from many indigenous islands of Indonesia. Exploring new places, finding authentic ingredients, and introducing it to the market are our passion. We are rooted in the social values of our company in which we believe that business should bring positive impacts; be it for a person, a family, or even a community.

We are built not only as a social enterprise food and beverage company, but also an empowering generation movement through our social programs, Ge-Ma. Here, with us, you would get a chance to improve your tremendous career. This youth majority company provides an enticing work-etiquette which is expected to bring out the best of our employees to be not only professional work colleagues, but also as one big family to each other. Our fellow family has the same chance to express their opinions. The work-atmosphere also triggers the fresh ideas coming off our creative employees as the work-space is built on a modern concept. It would as well make them work comfortably.

Value : Integrity, Generousity, Togetherness, Love, Excellence

Vision&Mision : To bring REAL SMILE, REAL LIFE, and REAL CHANGE through our business

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Instagram : Realfoodid / Realfitid / Gemerasimatoh



JL. Lettu Suyitno 89A, Bojonegoro, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

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