Company Description

PT. Fuji Seiki Indonesia adalah PMA Jepang yang berlokasi di Bandung, bergerak di bidang manufacture, memproduksi part motor dan mobil/Plastic Injection Molding. PT. Fuji Seiki Indonesia adalah anak perusahaan dari Fuji Seiki Group yang berpusat di Jepang, dan mempunyai beberapa factory di negara lain yaitu Thailand dan China.

Why join us

Precision plastic molds, precision plastic molded parts, Southeast Asia second bases engaged in the manufacture and sale of precision plastic insert molding parts.
We specialize in "precision mechanism parts of palm size from small".

Main business

Precision molding products and mold maintenance

Word from the person responsible

Day-to-day to reflect, become a company to continue to challenge towards tomorrow, always make improvements, we aim to companies that satisfy our customers.



Komp. Industri De Prima Terra Blok A1 No. 1, Jl. Raya Sapan, Bojong Soang, Bandung

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