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Tentang Kami : It all began in 1985 when a home industry was set up in Bandung under the brand name ``Mulyana Plastik``. With a handful of workers, it started making polypropylene woven bags which was started to replace jute bags in Indonesia. After struggling through turmoil for more than a decade, we managed to survive, until the year 2000 the company was officially registered as SINAR MULIA PLASINDO LESTARI Co., Ltd.In achieving this objective, we believe that only best resources, can leads to best results, this is why we put our focuses on four aspects:1. Putting only good quality materials into production process.2. Manufacture with up to date equipment and harness new technologies.3. Operate and maintain the process by skilled and dedicated manpower4. Produce and deliver with standardized proceduresEquipped with committed management, manufacturing excellence and the best resources available, we are confident that we can fulfill our aspiration and deliver satisfactory goods and services.

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As time passes, the once traditionally managed company was transformed gradually towards a better and more professional company by introducing modern business management system to accommodates the needs of ever growing and demanding market. Our aspiration is to expand our marketing networks worldwide by focusing on making good quality products with competitive prices and gaining trust from satisfied customers. For support our commitment we are looking for individu who has highly motivated, creative, dedicated and responsible to join with our team.


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