Job Description

  • • Work with a great team
  • • Learn cutting edge technology
  • • Career advancement opportunity


We're looking for a very technical project manager, or a product manager. The candidate will lead a team of developers and designers on critical projects, while interfacing with our Western clients on a daily basis.
If you are currently a project lead for your software team, this is a good opportunity to learn and grow.
Work location is remote. We'll also fly you to our Kuala Lumpur office for initial training.
Daily tasks:
  • Target and reach KPIs set by the company (these are very demanding)
  • Have conference calls with Western clients on a daily basis. 
  • Process instructions from client, into actionable projects
  • Delegate tasks efficiently
  • Manage multiple projects at once
  • Troubleshoot what doesn't work
  • Adapt to the changing requirements from the clients
  • Learn existing systems used by the company and the clients
  • Brainstorm on game ideas
  • As a newcomer, be willing to be coached by our senior staff and management
The candidate MUST have the following background:
  • Previously wrote code and understand how projects get shipped
  • Has managed small development teams of 5-10 people
  • Has worked on either apps, mobile games technology, or mobile ad technology (ad tech)
  • Very fluent english, both in spoken and written form.
As an applicant, you're expected to
  • Understand how casual games work
  • Understand how ads work
  • Understand HTML5 game technology
Most importantly, we're looking for candidates who fit our company culture, are fast learners, and extremely motivated. Everything else is secondary.

Bonus points:
  • Has written a game, or worked on side projects
  • Experience with Mac devices
  • Knowledge of programming in server-side languages (Python/PHP/Ruby).
Interested? Please apply via Jobstreet, and send your resume. Tell us why you're interested, and what you bring to the table.
Note: If you have experience with HTML5 games and/or Ad Tech, please mention this in your application, and provide code examples.




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