Job Description

  • • Work with a great team
  • • Learn cutting edge technology
  • • Career advancement opportunity


We're looking for a very technical project manager, or a product manager. The candidate will lead a team of developers and designers on critical projects, while interfacing with our Western clients on a daily basis.
If you are currently a project lead for your software team, this is a good opportunity to learn and grow.
Work location is remote. We'll also fly you to our Kuala Lumpur office for initial training.
Daily tasks:
  • Target and reach KPIs set by the company (these are very demanding)
  • Have conference calls with Western clients on a daily basis. 
  • Process instructions from client, into actionable projects
  • Delegate tasks efficiently
  • Manage multiple projects at once
  • Troubleshoot what doesn't work
  • Adapt to the changing requirements from the clients
  • Learn existing systems used by the company and the clients
  • Brainstorm on game ideas
  • As a newcomer, be willing to be coached by our senior staff and management
The candidate MUST have the following background:
  • Previously wrote code and understand how projects get shipped
  • Has managed small development teams of 5-10 people
  • Has worked on either apps, mobile games technology, or mobile ad technology (ad tech)
  • Very fluent english, both in spoken and written form.
As an applicant, you're expected to
  • Understand how casual games work
  • Understand how ads work
  • Understand HTML5 game technology
Most importantly, we're looking for candidates who fit our company culture, are fast learners, and extremely motivated. Everything else is secondary.

Bonus points:
  • Has written a game, or worked on side projects
  • Experience with Mac devices
  • Knowledge of programming in server-side languages (Python/PHP/Ruby).
Interested? Please apply via Jobstreet, and send your resume. Tell us why you're interested, and what you bring to the table.
Note: If you have experience with HTML5 games and/or Ad Tech, please mention this in your application, and provide code examples.


Why join us

We are the future of entertainment and media. We consist of a very small team in Kuala Lumpur, where the work is exciting, and everyone is passionate about making cross-platform games. Update: We're opening new satellite offices in Malaysia and Indonesia. If you're interested to work there, please add a note in your job application. Team members are encouraged to use creative solutions, to solve difficult problems. Teamwork is highly encouraged, with peer support provided by our headquarters in Hong Kong. Our games distribution network consist of Asia, Europe, US, Latin America and Australia. Your work will be played by millions of users per month!



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