Job Description


Persyaratan Jabatan :
- Usia Maksimum 35 th
- Pendidikan minimal D3 Chemical Analys
- Pengamalam minimal 5 tahun di industri Cat, Mortar/semen instan
- Memiliki kemampuan analisa yang baik
- Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi & presentasi yang baik
- Dapat bekerja secara mandiri dan dibawah tekanan
Tugas & tanggung jawab:
1. Melakukan monitoring, pengujian serta evaluasi produk jadi
2. Melakukan monitoring, pengujian serta evaluasi bahan baku
3. Melakukan riset produk kompetitor sejenis (Mortar/semen instan)
4. Mengawal proses perdana dan mock up produk baru
5. Membuat spesifikasi teknis produk baru dan metode aplikasinya
6. Evaluasi kebutuhan bahan dan alat laboratorium
7. Melakukan uji serta sertifikasi produk baru ke lembaga eksternal
8. Membuat progress percobaan mingguan dan bulanan
9. Filling data-data pengujian/percobaan lab R&D


Company Description

Drymix is the Indonesian pioneer and a market leader in dry mortar and premiere building material solutions provider

Established in 1996, we provide products of good quality, effective and efficient in terms of costs, and able to solve issues relevant to Indonesian conditions

Developed using German and Australian technology combined with Indonesian raw materials, our pre-mixed mortar is a time tested product which delivers speed, consistent quality and leads to less wastage on site

Why join us

Being a manufacturer of leading mortar wall system in Indonesia.
To meet the above vision and ensure the development and growth of the company's ongoing, then our main mission is as follows:

Innovation continuously to produce products that comply with national and international standards.
Utilizing source of new materials to produce products that are more economical.
Improve service to the existing projects in the form of regular supervision, training, and product applications complete product test data.


Head Office Infinia Park Blok B-78, Jl. Dr. Saharjo No.45, Manggarai - Tebet Jakarta - Indonesia


(021) 5760980


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