Job Description

Responsible :   • Coordinate internally and externally to ensure compliance with microbiology & containerized materials testing targets • Plan, regulate and control the activities of taking, handling and testing samples of initial materials / packaging materials, intermediate / bulk products and finished products • Ensure that all microbiological and containerized testing activities are carried out in accordance with the standards set by CPOB, CPOTB and GLP • Conduct continuous improvement to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of implementing microbiological testing and packaging materials • Carry out quality control activities including work scheduling, review of test results, standard handling of comparators, nonconformities and stability tests • Perform calculation of the cost of microbiological testing and packaging materials • Prepare and review documents related to microbiological testing and packaging materials     Qualifications:   • Ages 27 to 35 years • Recent Pharmacist (Apoteker) Education • Experienced in conducting analysis and testing of microbiological materials and containers in the Quality Control (QC) department for a minimum of 2 years • Preferably have experience as an Assistant / Supervisor in the Quality Control (QC) section of the pharmaceutical industry • Have high leadership competencies and good communication skills • Advanced computer and Microsoft Office operations • Able to speak English well both orally and in writing • Independent and able to work together both in teams and individually • Accustomed to working with targets • Willing to work shifts • Creative, detailed, hardworking and honest  



(021) 8411172


Plant : Jl. Suci (Jl. Raya Bogor KM.24) Susukan, Ciracas Jakarta Timur 13750 DKI Jakarta

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