Job Description


- Bachelor's degree in any major
- Fresh graduates or maximum 1 year working experience
- Excellent interpersonal skills
- Highly adaptable, willing to learn, and good leadership skills
- Excellent communication in Bahasa and English
- Passionate to work in shipping and logistic industry
- High commitment to finish the program


Calling for high achiever fresh graduates to join our internship program. Enhance yourself by learning in the real world working environment. In this program, you could learn about shipping & logistics operation, commercial, finance, human resources, and any other disciplines face-to-face with the experts in SPIL.
By joining this program you will also have a chance to join SPIL's accelerated career program after finishing your internship.
This program would be conducted in SPIL's branches from Surabaya, Jakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, and many more.



(021) 4351245


Jl Enggano 90 Tanjung priok, Tanjung Priok Jakarta Utara 14310 DKI Jakarta

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