Job Description


- Have approximately 20 years work experience in both HR & GA at Japanese Company with extensive management experience  

- Good English speaking & writing,

- Fair and honest, without compromising human resources and general affairs departments.

- Good communication skill, can see and judge things fairly from both the company and employees’ point of view.


- Human Resource

1. Create strategic personnel plans, including annual personnel evaluations, personnel plans, and recruitment schedules.

2. Make recommendations to management regarding salary increases, promotions and bonus based on the evaluation results.

3. Report/consult management to update current compensation system (salary increases, benefit levels, benefits, etc.).

4. Report to the Government, Management (or Head Office) regarding personnel matters, and cooperate with group companies related to personnel.

5. Understand about labor law and related laws. Handle renewal of company regulation every two years and report to the management team.

6. If labor issues arise, conduct appropriate discussions with the relevant employee and report to the management.

7. Have negotiating skill with internal and external, coordinating skills, persuasive, reliable and influential person.

- General Affair

1. Coordinate with general affairs vendors and office building management companies

2. Supervise expatriates and business travelers’ support: staying permit, residence, accommodation, transportation, utilities, etc.

3. Oversee office inventory and asset management, organizing office layout, maintaining office condition, arranging for necessary repairs.

4. Supervise personnel in office supplies procurement, inventory and equipment, including IT systems and support devices.

5. Propose and implement an appropriate filing system and effective management system. (Management of records, etc).

6. Total coordination of corporate events such as CSR and Kizuna Ekiden.





GRAND SLIPI TOWER Office Building, 16th Floor, JI. S.Parman Kav.22-24, Slipi-Jakarta Barat 11480, Indonesia