Job Description

  1. Provide other departments with modelling, advance analytics and automation support with focus on CRM
  2. Build models for CRM, RISK, HR, Finance, Collection, Legal, Antifraud teams and external partners premises
    • Quality of models
    • Speed of delivery of the models
    • Satisfaction of the department requesting the model
    • Professional communication
  3. Actively come up with new ways how to use Machine learning or statistics to improve the business results of the company
    • Business impact of suggested changes
    • Number of projects rolled out to production/ used
  4. Help with automation of manual tasks for other teams
    • Time saved by automation to other team
    • Speed of delivery
    • Proper testing of automation and error rate
    • Real usage of delivered automation of the end users
  5. Share knowledge with teammates and be expert consultant for assigned area of knowledge. The assigned area will be connected to CRM
    • Understanding the assigned area the best from the team
    • Late discovered problems of others when doing the assigned task
  6. Monitor the resulting models
    • Number of models implemented correctly
    • All issues in the model are discovered on time
    • Need for model redevelopment is registered on time