Job Description

As a Sales & Supply Support Specialist, you will support the commercial team by ensuring the supplying process in the store is fully integrated with the communication and selling processes. You are also accountable in improving the excellent availability, range management, forecasting, ordering, and synchronizing the commercial needs and activities for the best possible goods availability within the store, in order to achieve agreed service levels at the lowest possible cost. This position will report to Sales Supply Support Manager.


  1. Focus on parameter setting, ordering & availability checks and acts as a coach to secure the proper use of order methods to secure availability.
  2. Analyse and steer the ordering process, to avoid shortage and overstock situations.
  3. Ensure that any structural supply deviations (e.g. supplier or transport performance related) which threaten availability or store operations are made known to the service office supply support function, to ensure they are addressed with our supplying partners.
  4. Contribute to successful replenishment by working actively with forecasting and ordering in alignment with commercial calendars.
  5. Produce necessary follow-ups for the commercial and management team regarding operational processes in the store, including phasing in and out, overstock and concrete, activities and non-central shortages.



(0274) 883062


Jl Kaliurang Km 6 Gg Pandega Padma Bl A/15 Condongcatur, Depok Yogyakarta 55283 DI Yogyakarta