Job Description

Your Assignments:

  1. Responsible for coordinating the commercial range including the range renewal process and through aligning the offered range in each selling unit with the agreed range and initiating corrective actions in cooperation with Sales Leaders.
  2. Responsible for securing that the full range is available to all customers at all touchpoints through excellent range administration and maintenance connected to news, seasonal, running and discontinues articles to exceed customer expectations, provide a seamless shopping experience and a great quality in meeting with the customer.
  3. Contribute to the range change planning and implementation in the selling units by assisting the Sales Leaders with planning information and in the creation of initial forecasts on news and allocation of discontinued split to selling units.
  4. Responsible for providing range frames based on the range selection and the selling units’ capacity and with input from the Market Flow and Capacity Planning Team and according to global range dimensioning rules. Contribute to the work of the Sales leaders with this information.
  5. Responsible for the allocation of unexpected deviations of discontinued items to the selling units while taking into considerations all commercial implications and monitor the range change process and initiate necessary actions with the Commercial Team.
  6. Responsible for developing local improvements in working methods, systems and tools and for implementing global routines, systems solutions and ways of working with all partners in the Supply Chain, Retail and Customer Fulfilment on the market, in close cooperation and co-creation with the Group Order and Forecast Team to secure continuous improvement.
  7. Contribute with both knowledge and expertise (on range selection and administration) to optimal operational and multichannel development and tendering activities as well as to all matrices, global initiatives and competence networks.
  8. Responsible for maintaining a setting of all needed parameters in all related systems.
  9. Responsible for promoting and stimulating entrepreneurial orientation and contribution to development and innovation for the own organisation and total IKEA in close cooperation with the Group Functions.
  10. Responsible for considering the parameters connected to the Customer Fulfilment sustainability agenda on the market in the range allocation process across all touchpoints.



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