Privacy Policy

In the use of Job-Like System provided by Our Company (hereinafter referred as the “Service”), the personal information (including information that can identify a specific individual) of users (including individuals belonging to corporate users) shall be handled as follows:

Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred as the “Privacy Policy”) shall be applied to the Service, and the personal information acquired from users shall be managed based on the Privacy Policy.
The Privacy Policy shall not be applied to the collection of personal information by the third party such as a link destination.

Information to be Acquired and Its Usage

Our Company shall collect and use all or part of the following information, and in the Privacy Policy, the personal information shall include the following information. Due to the characteristic of the Service, users shall not be able to use the Service unless they agree with the collection / use of these information.

User Information

The name, the contact address, the telephone number, the e-mail address, the PC hardware information, the contents registered by the user, or any other information identifying the individual user may be acquired.


In the Service, cookies may be acquired to make effective use of the Service by users and to improve the Service.
It is still possible to use theService even if you disable cookies, however, some functions of the Service may not be used normally by disabling cookies.


Log is automatically created when the user accesses to the Service, and the IP address, the browser type, the browser language, etc. shall be saved.
These information shall be used to analyze the user environment, to provide better service, and to prevent a fraud which hinders the normal provision of the service.
Records related to searches are saved and managed in the form in which individuals cannot be specified, and used for purposes such as creation of statistical data.

Purpose of Using Information

Our Company shall use the information acquired from users for the following purposes:

  • To enable users to use the Service;
  • To create a statistical data related to the use of the Service;
  • To respond to the inquiry from users;
  • To announce the information related to the Service or advertisement information by other companies;
  • To improve the Service, or create and provide a new service related to the Service in the future;
  • To confirm identity of the user when receiving the inquiry;
  • To contact users in the case that Our Company decided to make an important notice related to the Service.

Information Provision

Our Company will not provide the personal information of users to the third party unless:

  • The user agrees in advance;
  • Following the laws and regulations;
  • The user violates the terms of the Service, and Our Company has sufficient grounds for the judgement to disclose his/her personal information in order to protect Our Company’s rights (including but not limited to the rights related to Our Company’s property, assets and the Service);
  • In case where it is necessary to protect human life, body or property and it is difficult to get agreement from the user;
  • In case where it is especially necessary to promote public health or healthy development of children, and it is difficult to get agreement from the user;
  • In case where it is necessary for Our Company to cooperate with a national /local institution or the agent entrusted therefrom in conducting clerical affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and there is a risk of impending the performance of these affairs by getting agreement from the user;
  • We provide the information to Our affiliate inside / outside Indonesia;
  • The business succession including the provision of personal information is carried out due to merger, corporate division, business transfer or other reasons.

Information Escrow

Our Company may put all or part of personal information acquired from users into escrow to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of using information. In this case, we will thoroughly examine the eligibility of outsourcing parties, and we shall stipulate the matters related to confidentiality or the like in the contract with the outsourcing parties, and shall manage the information appropriately.

Share Use of Information p | If Our Company needs a business partner | to work in corporation with in providing | the Service to users, we may disclose the | personal information to the business | partner for share use. In this case, Our | Company should inform users the | purpose of using personal information, | the name of business partner, the detail | of shared information, and the name of the administrator.

User Rights etc.

  1. In the case where the user requests Our Company to disclose his/her personal information, he/she may request its disclosure under the procedure separately stipulated by Our Company unless:
    • There is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights and interest of the user oneself or a third party by disclosing the information;
    • There is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper implementation of Our Company’s business by disclosing the information;
    • The disclosure violates or is in the risk of violating the laws and regulations;
    • The request of disclosure cannot be confirmed whether it is from the user himself/herself or not.
  2. As a result of disclosure, if the user deems that the contents of personal information is against the fact, the user may request correction/addition/deletion of his/her personal information under the procedure separately stipulated by Our Company. In the case where the user requests disclosure of his/her personal information, Our Company may charge the user in accordance with the regulation separately stipulated by Our Company.
  3. The provision of personal information by users is optional, however, users may not be able to use the part of the Service if he/she does not provide the necessary information.
  4. Users should confirm that their personal information provided by them to Our Company and held/used/disclosed by Our Company in accordance with the Privacy Policy is accurate.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy shall be revised when Our Company deems it necessary. The important changes shall be announced to users. If the user does not agree to the revision of the Privacy Policy, the user may stop using the Service immediately by notifying Our Company in writing (including e-mails).


The inquiry regarding the Privacy Policy shall be made by the inquiry form as described below.